Conferences and journals in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Social Computing, Information Studies/Information Systems etc.

Computer games
- Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA). Do note that all papers presented at their conferences are accessible on the web (can be found in their "digital library").
- Well Played. Close readings of video games (journal and edited books available online).
- T.L. Taylor has put together a great page with gaming resources for students.

Online games
- Terra Nova. A great blog/resource to persons, papers and issues having to do with online games and virtual worlds.
- Virtual Economy Research Network with a focus on real-money trade of virtual objects and other issues of commerce in and around virtual worlds.

Fandom, transmedia storytelling
- The Fan Studies Network - a blog with (primarily) different call for papers for conferences, special issues and books on fans and fandom (television, cinema, games, sport, celebrities).

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